A life-saving device designed out of necessity.

It was a Sunday morning that changed our lives. After experiencing sudden flu-like symptoms, my mother went to a public restroom to collect herself. Fortunately, a nurse happened upon her and recognized the symptoms as a heart attack. They knew aspirin was recommended as an onset treatment, but no one had it on them. It was a helpless feeling waiting for EMS to arrive.

After my mother’s recovery, I knew there had to be a better way – a device that allowed people to carry life-saving medications on them in a convenient, easily accessible way. I invented Redibandz because I wasn’t satisfied with the other options. I knew it had to be comfortable, water-resistant and so easy to use that someone could administer the medication themselves with one hand. Redibandz is that solution.

– Sallie Sears Piering, Redibandz Inventor

Redibandz™ TIMELINE

Redibandz™, success story.

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